The Chandler Blues Band

Today's Blues.

The Chandler Blues Band (with Ziggy Dog), from left to right:

Mike chandler / guitar

kyle higley / guitar, vocals

kevin medeiros / drums, vocals

lance fullin / bass

michael "icey" Baird / harmonica, vocals

Griffin McMahon / Organ, Piano

The Chandler Blues Band was formed in the winter of 2013 on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Founders Kevin Medeiros, Kyle Higley, and Lance Fullin had been playing together as a trio under the name The Electric Highway Experience for years and had decided to expand and refocus their band with a more layered and blues-centric sound. To do so, they recruited friend Michael “Icey” Baird to play harmonica, and shortly thereafter, Mike Chandler, a recent newcomer to the local music scene, as the groups second guitar player.

Together, the band quickly found their new voice. A full, gritty, yet smooth and danceable sound that drew from the depths of 1960’s blues revival players like Peter Green, Mike Bloomfield, and John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, through the uptown swinging of BB King and T-Bone Walker, to the songwriting and arranging of The Allman Brothers Band.

With their influences combined into a new yet classic sound all their own, The Chandler Blues Band was born and quickly moved from the rehearsal space to the gigging scene. The band has been actively performing ever since. 


Photographer: Taj Chin

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