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B.B. King

I still remember the first time I saw B.B. King. I was just a kid watching reruns of Married With Children on TV one night. They were following the Bundy family dog as he wandered around the streets of Chicago at night, and suddenly the dog walked by this man sitting on a bench. Needless to say, I was enamored with what I was seeing and hearing. This man was sitting there singing with this big guitar and was plugged into this tiny little amp.  He sang something so simple, even silly, but he sang with such gusto and he played his guitar in a way that made it sound like it was singing.  

There was something about BB King that just made anyone "get it" when they heard him. He sang and played to everyone's soul and had a presence that could transcend age, race, genre, and even a little TV screen with a 7 year old kid on the other side, holding a walkman with an MC Hammer tape in it. 

RIP Riley "Blues Boy" King. The world will never forget you, and neither will I. 


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