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Today's Blues.


Hello all you bluesy people! Apologies for the long time between posts here. I just wanted to check in and talk a bit about whats going on, and say thank you to everyone who's been coming out to support us all summer long. We've had a busy schedule and played some great gigs, moving into fall we're looking forward to slowing down a little and getting back into the basement to start working on some new material.

Its hard to believe that we're coming up on the 1 year mark since we first got into the studio with Phil Darosa to record our first record. Its been a wild ride since then, we've sold lots at shows and its been streaming all over the world, we've had copies requested in Poland, Spain, and Argentina just to name a few. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who's bought, streamed, burned, passed along, or told someone about our record. It means so much to us that you're listening and as excited as we are about our music. 

This was a big year for The CBB, a couple years ago we barely had enough standards in our repertoire to fill an entire set and played mostly in a cramped studio apartment, today in addition to a long list of tunes we play we've had international response to a full length record of original material and are playing gigs we never thought we'd be a part of. We've been on the radio, had amazingly talented players sit in with us, had some wonderful articles in various publications written about us by gifted writers, played on some big stages and co-billed with some AMAZING talent, and played in bars & clubs owned by some wonderful people for fantastic crowds both on and off island. At the risk of sounding redundant here, I just want to say thank you again to everyone who's reached out to us with opportunities and who's let us play for them.  

Here's just a few snapshots of whats been going on in our lives as a band between festivals, clubs, records, playing with guests, press, and everything in between. 

Several pictures can't exactly capure the past year or so, but for more of our play by play as a band you can follow us on instagram and facebook, or check the "social" page here on 

So with that all being said we're moving into the fall and winter with some new goals, stay tuned here on the website as well as on facebook and instagram for whats going on. Hopefully we'll have some cool stuff in the works to share with all of you as the days go by. 

Till then, stay bluesy my friends.


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