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A Welcoming

Hey everybody! We're super excited to announce that organist/pianist Griffin McMahon has joined the roster of The Chandler Blues Band. Griffin is an incredibly talented player and vocalist who recently relocated from NYC, and we couldn't be more excited that he's joining the band. You can find him throughout the week serving as music director and playing organ at St. Andrew's church in Edgartown, otherwise keep an eye out for upcoming gigs to see him in action with us.

In other news, sadly, we're bidding a temporary farewell to our magnificient bass player, Lance Fullin. He will now be living the bicoastal life and splitting his time between Martha's Vineyard and southern California throughout the year. Lance will remain an integral member of the CBB and is by no means leaving the band, and he is due to return for another busy band schedule kicking off in May. What it means for us though moving forward, is that for a portion of the year, most likely the dead of winter, we'll be Lanceless. But luckily, our new brother in arms Griffin can serve as a bass player while playing keys as the piano and organ serves both as a treble and bass instrument. See below for how well this works with local greats, Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish featuring Jeremy Berlin holding down bass with his left hand on the keys.


We're sad to see Lance leaving full time residency with us, but we couldn't be more excited for him and wish him the best in Cali. See ya real soon Lance!

This guy.

This guy.

So thats it for now, we're hard at work in the basement putting together a new setlist and working on some new orginal music too! As always, stay tuned here and to our social media pages for updates!

Stay bluesy. 


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